Monday, 21 October 2019

Words Of Growth From Poet, B.Elae

"It's okay 
to love yourself 
too much 
to remain where you are misused."
- B. Elae

and how will you ever truly be able to experience
the beauty in being exactly who you are...
why the sun kisses you the way it does
why the moon awaits outside of your window 
why you're counted with the stars in the skies
why your wings spread the way they do
if you are running tired in trying to be
what other people want you to be?

Why should you be caged?

- B.Elae

Sometimes the hurt hurts
and the recovery is ugly.
It's dark and seemingly hopeless.
It's scary and long.
Full of error and extremely harsh.
Whatever you do, do not settle.
Don't think 'this is it'.
That's there's nothing left of you.
That you're here for nothing.
It's hard...I know.
But your end is not there that dark space.
That's not your ending.
- B,Elae, "It's Not The End"


Where you feel 
you've been dismantled
I hope you find,
that you are so
magnificently designed
Give or take
without such doubt
beneath the pain, 
you've room to sprout.

- B. Elae, "Room To Sprout"


"I stand taller.
  I am louder.
  I am further."


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  1. Wow, the second one is my favourite. Such beautiful poems, this has given me inspiration to start writing more myself :)


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