Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Our Top 10 Halloween Movies

With Halloween only a few days away, we thought it was only right to share a little guide of some things to do to celebrate the spooky season, from what to watch, listen to and fun places to go! This first post is all about the best movies to watch, ranging from nostalgic to downright creepy - it's all about balance!

1) Hocus Pocus - When I think of Halloween this is always the first film that comes to mind. It might be a kids film but I refuse to feel guilty for still loving it. Set in Salem, this film follows 16 year old Max who's just moved from California and is bombarded with tales of three witch sisters that once lived there. Max is a sceptic until him, a new friend and his little sister find an abandoned house and accidentally unleash the three witches on Halloween night. A pretty setting, fun story and Bette Midler, I mean what more could you want in a Halloween film?

2) Halloweentown - I've put this one in for pure nostalgia. If you remember Disney in the 2000's chances are you'll know this film. With the same sort of vibe as Hocus Pocus, this kids film tells a story of a girl who discovers her grandma is a witch who lives in 'Halloweentown', and finds herself exploring this unseen world to find she has a big responsibility. I'm really not doing it justice but it's such a cosy, reminiscent watch.

3) The Nightmare Before Christmas - One of my all time favourite films. A beautiful clay-mation film by Tim Burton about Jack Skellington who lives in Halloweentown, but discovers Christmastown and the magic of Christmas. Jack then tries to bring this happy spirit back to his town where everyone is focused on being miserable and scary. It's just a beautiful animation style that sucks you into another world - and the music's great too.

4) Corpse Bride - Another Tim Burton classic, this tale is set in the 1800's and follows a young man Victor who is set up with an arranged marriage by his parents. Feeling nervous, he flees to the woods where he practices his vows. Little does he know there is a corpse bride underground who rises up when she believes he is marrying her. Victor then has to make a decision - stay with the corpse bride or return to his earthly one. 

5) The Witches - Based on the Roald Dahl classic, this film used to creep me out so much when I was younger but I still loved it. Set in a hotel in England, a young boy is staying with his grandmother when he ends up spying on a convention. The meeting turns out to be a group of witches who are scheming to turn the children into mice. He then devises a plan with the help of the hotel manager and his grandma to save the other children from the Witches.

6) The Craft - This film is so underrated in my opinion. Although it can get a little cringy at times with the magic, it's still such an incredible tale of feminism and strength. A group of outsiders join their forces together to use magic to get what they want - if you're into witchcraft you'll love this film.

7) American Psycho - I'm not overly into horrors with supernatural elements and jump-scares, but I do love psychological horrors, and this film directed by Mary Harron is just that. Patrick Bateman, the protagonist seems like a handsome, charming lawyer at first but we soon see his pyschopathic tendencies. With lots of twists and turns along the way, it keeps you on the edge of your seat and Christian Bale is incredible as Bateman.

8) Get Out - Another psychological horror, I think everyone's watched or at least heard of this film. The film follows Chris who is meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time, with a fear of them being racist. Upon arrival it seems that they're nice people, but Chris soon disovers some dark secrets over the weekend that make him think he's going crazy and everyone else convince's him so. Director Jordan Peele showcases a clever metaphor on the current state of racism in the US.

9) Shaun of the Dead - I wanted to include a more light-hearted comedy in this list. Shaun lives a relatively boring life, that is until zombies invade his town and he has to save his girlfriend. This film pokes fun at the cliches in other zombie films. The perfect mix of horror and comedy.

10) Jennifer's Body - A cult classic, this film wasn't really appreciated for its underlying feminist message. Megan fox plays a popular girl in high school who gets possessed by a demon and begins a rampage on all the boys who are obsessed with her. Funny, campy and a little scary, this film takes on the theme of misogyny and objectification in a unique way.

What's your favourite Halloween film? Let us know!


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