Tuesday, 30 July 2019

What Makes You, You.

This issue was all about getting you involved, and I've loved hearing about people's beliefs, interests and dreams. We've discovered your favourite films, music and art, heard your poems and adored your art on what it means to be you, and how you express your unique identity.

At the beginning of the curation of this issue, I asked you a few poll questions on Instagram just for fun but I found the results really interesting. I was curious about different aspects of identity - I knew largely what made up mine, but what about other people? Here are the results:

What I found is that the majority of people in this little collective lean much more towards spirituality than religion, and have a pretty strong identity. However, what made me really sad was that 71% of you felt that there was something holding you back in life - maybe this is something we could explore in the next issue. In terms of linking our media consumption with our identity, it was quite split. 
I also asked some questions about identity, and I absolutely loved the answers. Hearing what makes others feel most themselves and happy is fascinating! 

I just want to thank everyone who contributed, supported and followed this issue - I'm really excited for the next one! If you have any questions or want to submit your work, don't be afraid to message us on instagram @starryeyedcollective or email us at starryeyedcollective@hotmail.com .

Hope to hear from you soon!
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