Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Starry Eyed's Guide To Birth Charts

Art by Sarah Goodreau

I've always been so fascinated by astrology from a young age, I found myself always reading my horoscope in the paper and was constantly surprised at how much I related to my sun sign (more commonly known as your 'star sign') - I'm a Pisces in every aspect of the word. But I found anything past horoscopes a little overwhelming, as I know a lot of people do.

From diving into astrology and the history behind it I've come to realise that it's a beautiful, magical science and something that can help us all in our daily lives - even the sceptics! Something I hear a lot of people saying is 'but I don't relate to my sign at all!' This understandably can automatically turn people off from Astrology, but an understanding of our Birth Chart can give us a lot more insight into our inner workings, our hopes and dreams, our past and our actions than a generic paragraph written in a newspaper.

Think of your star sign as barely hitting the surface of a vast sea of information that makes up who you are. I guess the best place to start is by doing a birth chart calculation online: , where you simply have to enter your date, time and place of birth! It's that simple.

The result will look a little like this:

I know it's a little confusing, but once you break it down it's actually pretty simple. In basic terms, your birth chart is essentially a screenshot of where the planets were at your birth. This is totally specific to you, and these planetary positions won't be seen again for another 26,000 years! The chart is made up of different circles that are divided into different sections:

1) Outer circle -  the 12 zodiac signs
2) 2nd circle - connections between planets in your chart
3) Inner circle - the houses

You may be already familiar with the zodiac symbols, but the symbols within the second circle might be completely new. These are the symbols given to the planets. Because planets all move at different speeds, this means that the position of the planets in a certain zodiac sign can determine parts of your personality! How cool is that?

Now that you're a bit more familiar with the symbols and meanings of the planets/zodiac signs, it'll be a lot easier to interpret your birth chart. Using the above chart as an example, this person has Mars in Scorpio, meaning that their emotion and desire is intensified even more. They might come across to someone as extremely passionate and determined once they put their minds to something. With Jupiter in Capricorn, this person has a pretty confident view of the world, and will take small but important steps to achieve their goals and what they want for the future. In terms of adventure, they will be open to it but only on their terms!

Although we can tell a lot from the position of each planet, the most 'important' signs are your..

Sun Sign: Your personality, who you are at your core
Moon Sign: Your emotions and actions
Rising Sign (a.k.a Ascendant): How you appear to people at first. Can be found at the '9 o'clock' line, usually defined by 'AC'

These three combined can paint a pretty good picture of who you are. Astrology can get really complicated, so it's great to start with this! 

Do you believe in birth charts? Let us know, and feel free to share your sun, moon and rising signs!

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