Monday, 15 April 2019

Katie O'Hara's 'Movies That Matter'

Movies are a big part of my life and it really stems from my childhood. A big thing was visiting my nanny every Friday where my sister and I would go into the tv room and choose a new film every week. This has ingrained me to have a strong love for movies and be great in the movie round for pub quizzes! Here’s some films that are v important to me: 

 Fried Green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe - I know what a name! But this is seriously one of those films I think everyone especially girls need to watch. I love films that like span over a life, and this film is just a great story of friendship along with life lessons. LOVE. 

 What’s eating Gilbert Grape - Early Leo, need I say more? This is a sweet movie, can get sad but I think it’s a lovely film just about life really. Also Leo is amaze in it so there’s that.

Steel Magnolias - watch this with your ma, watch this with your best friend, watch this with yourself - just friggin' watch it. Being a top feminist myself 💁🏼, this is just a girl power film about a group of women all supporting each other through life’s struggles. Also Miss Dolly is in it so what more do you need. 

Catch me if you can - another Leo entry, sorry. Based on a true story - these are my fave films unless it’s about a dog cause then you know it dies. I find this film v inspiring lol, prob the wrong message as he’s a con artist but shows the relevance of ‘fake it till you make it’.

Muriels’ wedding - if someone ever asks me a movie to watch this is my no 1. It’s Australian (I love the accent so maybe I’m biased) and follows a young woman called Muriel who’s only goal in life is to be married. She’s an eejet like but we love her. Easy-going film that deals with the lows of life and self-acceptance. It’s a goodin I swear. P.S it has ABBA music in it.


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