Tuesday, 12 March 2019


The idea of identity being rooted in our appearance and features is interesting to think about in today's day and age, considering how easy and accessible it is for us to change these features.

For some people, their identity comes from their family and ethnicity, which manifests in how they look, and the genetic features they inherited. However with the art of drag and self-transformation becoming increasingly popular, a lot of people have begun to play about with body modification, and would probably say that their identity manifests through creative expression. 

Nofac3 is a drag artist who lives and works in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Their work explores intersecting identities through drag, art and performance. 

"These series of paintings explore identity through the idea of Transhumanism, where humans evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations through technological advancements. This allows humans to curate their own identity through freedom of form whether it's body modification, plastic surgery, advanced prosthetics, technological implants, or wearable technology."

Check out khrystalloren.com/ and @nofac3.666 on instagramto see more of NoFac3's work!


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