Friday, 18 January 2019

The Absurdity of Reality - Immerse yourself in Nadine Feghaly's illustrations

Nadine Feghaly is an illustrator and visual artist/activist from Beirut based in Barcelona. 

" Through viola illustrations I try to express my emotions, dreams, poetry and reflections about the beauty and absurdity of the world that surrounds us.

Like a visual diary or an open window inside my room, my art somehow evokes in words and colours my most intimate and personal visions and interpretations of reality. It can reflect any social, political situation that I find myself in, a poem I long to share, a mantra that keeps repeating in my mind, an environmental preoccupation or a stubborn question that doesn’t want to leave…

I have many questions about identity that I try to work and investigate through my illustrations! Who am I? What does it mean to be born as a woman? As a Lebanese? As a human being born during the civil war? How does it affect who I am? What became of my identity when I left my country to live abroad? What is left of it? Where is home, I keep asking myself? And who am I away from it? "

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