Monday, 14 January 2019

Meet Jordyn Belli, a Photographer Capturing Trans and Queer Identities

When curating art for the 'Identity' issue, I really wanted to give people a platform who really have something to say - and say it through their chosen creative platform. I think it's the most interesting way for us to interpret our own thoughts and emotions, as well as the person who created the art. Jordyn Belli's photography immediately stood out to me as being so raw and vulnerable in their work. Jordyn is a 21 year old trans and queer photographer based in Chicago. Their work represents a myriad of beautiful lgbtq+ identities. I was really intrigued by their photography and their motives behind why their work. 

Jordyn Belli Interview

Jordyn Belli Interview 2

Jordyn Belli Interview 3

Jordyn Belli Interview 4

Jordyn Belli Interview 5
Check out more of Jordyn's work here:

Instagram: @sleepykiwis


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