Wednesday, 9 January 2019

i know myself - linda m. crate

i know myself
i am sunlight, i am moonlight
every shade between
because i am me
a rainbow of songs and shades and lights;
i am not someone you easily define
there are depths and volumes and tomes
no one has every known yet explored
i am an ocean and mountain
all at once—
no one ever seems to fathom me
or even try,
but i am not ashamed of who i am;
they say weird and they say eccentric
yet i know who i am—
do they?
my identity isn't what they give me
to clothe myself with
my identity is forged in my choices,
and my magic, and my power;
my love, my dreams, my light will change
this world in ways they'll never be able to reckon with
because they don't know their own identity.
- linda m. crate


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