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I've always been so drawn to short films and little snippets of people's art. I feel like those little snippets can show us someone's mind more than any other artform. The colours, the music choice, the story, the styling - everything is there for a reason. Sometimes we might interpret it a little differently from what the artist intended it to be, but that's the beauty of it. 

An artist that makes films in such an intriguing way is Cadmium Red. There's something so beautifully enigmatic about the way she lets you into her creative world. You can tell even on her instagram account that her mind sees the world in a series of moving pictures, all put their just for your entertainment and pleasure. 

Cadmium Red's current ongoing project is called 'Scarlett'; a series of videos of films that she hopes will evoke and emotion in everyone who watches, and I believe there's no doubt that it will strike whoever clicks play.

There's a mysterious quality about the videos. Cadmium Red is giving short insights into her identity and her world, yet you still have no idea who she is. Both films have an essence of vintage European cinema, but at the same time they can't really compare to any other films. There's a sense of intimacy that's almost uncomfortable, but it compels you to watch and really go inward to your own thoughts.

Check out the Cadmium Red films here:

buttercup baby


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Instagram: @_cadmiumred


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