Monday, 8 October 2018

Not Girly Enough

I'm 6 and
I'm too girly
I'm not girly enough
I'm too fragile
I need to act more tough
Not too tough though, not more than a man.

I'm 14 and

My dress is too short
My dress shows my ass
I need to cover up
I should show some class
Not too much class though, for the pleasure of a man.

I'm 17 and

I kiss too many boys
I need to kiss boys more
I'm a slut
I shouldn't be such a whore
But a little bit of a whore, for the sake of a man.

Im 19 and

I'm not too much
or too little of anything
My worth is not defined by a man
I am more than my body
I am more than my clothes
Anything I desire to do, I now can.

- Orlagh Marie
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