Monday, 17 September 2018

Am I A Bad Feminist?

As incredible as the internet is, I have to admit it really intimidates me sometimes. Anyone is free to criticise you, laugh at pictures of you with friends in their group chat, attack you for sharing your thoughts and opinions - it liberates me and makes me a paranoid wreck all at the same time.

Don't get me wrong, in the last couple years I've become so much more sure of myself to the point where I know I don't need validation from strangers online, but there's still one aspect of my life that I share on instagram that I feel extremely self-conscious about - the dreaded F word *queue dramatic music*... FEMINISM!

It's become such a heated topic online, with anyone claiming to be a feminist being put to the test by some people who are, lets just say, extremely passionate about the subject. I'm by no means trying to shame feminists and label them as crazy, I myself am an extremely proud feminist, but there are a small majority of people who have this unofficial rule book of wrong and right feminism and have no problem preaching to people when they've done wrong. I must admit that this group of people have even had me question my own morals over ridiculous things.

Orlagh's thought process...

Am I a bad feminist if I let men open doors for me or offer me a seat on the bus?? Am I a misogynist because I don't want to grow out my body hair? Should I just go to hell now for letting my boyfriend treat me to a meal? Am I a pathetic excuse for a woman if I want to take my husband's name? Where does the line end???

This is how I end up thinking when I go on Instagram sometimes. A lot of so called 'feminists' think you have to uphold this certain female archetype to be considered a good feminist, but doesn't this really defeat the whole purpose of feminism in the first place?

If you want to be a 'good' feminist, let everyone have equal opportunities. Allow people to be whoever they want to be and look however they want to look. Educate people on how to help achieve gender equality rather than telling them what they're doing wrong. Because I quite frankly couldn't give a damn if you have body hair long enough to plait or if you'd rather be a stay-at-home mum. If it's your choice and you feel empowered doing it, that's all that matters. We need to drop this hypocritical notion of what a feminist should be, and instead respect and support other women in their choices. Empowered women empower women!!


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