Sunday, 12 August 2018

'We Are Truly Godesses' by Linda M. Crate

(art by @keeksthelabel_ on instagram)

we are truly goddesses
i don't need the sanctuary
of your gilded cages
because a lie no matter how pretty
or ornamented is nothing less
than a lie and i seek deeper roots,
and paralyzing truths;
these are the things that set me free
of all your ruin—
always people want to put me on a pedestal
or paint me some damsel to be saved,
but i slay my own nightmares;
and i ride upon the backs of dragons
for i am brave
i need no man to complete me for i am whole
don't need no saving because i am strong enough
to save myself—
when i was a little girl,
i prayed and wished upon shooting stars
for my daddy to come rescue me;
but he never came,
& i dreamed about my prince on his white horse
to come whisk me away from the mundane;
but no matter how many times i looked into green fields
of sunflowers
he was never there—
i learned that life and people weren't fair
at an early age, and i learned that i must save myself;
depending on others is a mistake because
they're only trying to save themselves;
and they won't inconvenience themselves for your need—
my whole life they have told me women are the weaker sex,
but that's only because they don't want to admit
what we truly are:

- linda m. crate

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