Monday, 27 August 2018

'To Be A Woman Is To Be Strong', By Eesha Ray

To me there is strength in every person who identifies themselves as woman. There is more to “female strength” than just what it says on the tin. It’s not a requirement to have gone through something turbulent to prove you are woman enough; although your battles certainly do matter. 

Female strength comes from a place of self love- both physically and introspectively. There is hair between here and there. Little mountains form on my legs from past careless shaving mistakes. When I sit down my tummy folds over, when I stand up my skin stretches thinner. My cheeks still bunch up and hit my glasses when I smile. My acne is just my body reacting to the outside world. I’ve learned to look at all these little kinks for simply just what they are. They don’t make me any less of a woman. 

I know societal views and expectations of the female body are not a direct reflection of who I am as a person and at my core. What I love about womanhood is the connection it creates between us. I feel empowered when I hear stories of girls accomplishing whatever it is that is important to them without the need for acceptance from others. 

My mum is the definition of female strength. I will always admire her courage to leave a country she knew to be her home, and begin to build a new one from scratch for the sake of her children’s’ future. She continues to teach my sister and I that true independence acts a catalyst for success in your life. She could have stayed in her home country, left education, married a doctor and lived a comfortable life. But she chose to challenge these expectations because she knew that as woman she had more to offer in this ever changing world. 

Female strength is definitely the most prominent within the women who don’t get enough (if not any) recognition for the strife they go through everyday just for being who they are. That’s why it’s important for people to recognise their privilege and use it to give a voice to the girls across the world that we often neglect. I undoubtedly believe that unity acts as one of the many thing that is able to drown out all the negativity and bigotry this world has a habit of exploiting. Celebrate the women around you because comparison and self deprecation only leads to resentment and spite. No one is less and no one is more. Say no when you want to say no. Allow yourself to want more from what is expected of you. 

To be a woman is to be strong. 

-Eesha Ray

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