Monday, 18 June 2018

What female strength means to me

Although I've had many identity crises in my short 19 years, one thing I've always been so certain about is how much I love being a woman. I am so proud to be a woman. When I was a child I always got so angry when boys my age would call girls 'weak' and 'stupid'. It didn't make sense in my brain because to me, woman were the strongest people I knew.

I think this is probably down to the two women who raised me - my mum and my nana. I grew up around women who held their own and were so strong, so that I never once doubted my worth because of my gender. I would always stand up for myself against anyone who ever called me weak, and was actually quite a feisty 6 year old.

My concept of female strength is constantly evolving the older I get, and I think what I've recently realised is that strength can encompass so many qualities that aren't just physical. To me a strong woman is someone who is comfortable with her softness, but is sharp when needs be. A strong woman doesn't let anyone else define her worth. A strong women knows that other's beauty does not undermine her own. A strong woman support other women. A strong woman accepts her flaws and embraces her individuality. 

I am a strong women because I'm at peace with being vulnerable. I am a strong women because I stand my ground. I am a strong women because of the strong women I'm surrounded by. We are amazing creatures, and don't let anyone ever tell you any differently.


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