Monday, 11 June 2018

Starry Eyed

I often wonder what's out there
The things hope to see,
The people I'm yet to meet 
and the places I've never been.

I've often been called a dreamer
or even starry eyed
'The one who asks too much from the world'
I'm never satisfied.

I look at the world through an optimist's eye 
and allow my spirit to be guided by my heart
To appreciate the present, to wander over
love, laughter, poetry, art

What is it that keeps you up at night? 
When does your heart feel most full?
Is it the prospect of reaching the moon 
or the content of gazing up at the stars?

This was a little poem I wrote when I was in the process of creating this blog - Starry Eyed. I think it perfectly sums up what this website is about. It's for the people who want to use the universe to their full potential, to live life as passionately and vividly as possible. It's for people who want to express themselves, to share a little bit of themselves with the world. It's a place to escape, a place free of judgement and hate, a place full of love and art. I am so excited for the launch of this website and I can't wait to show you all the amazing submissions and articles I have lined up! This as been in the making for so long and it feels so amazing to finally have it out in the open for people to enjoy, and I hope that anyone who goes on this site can take something positive about it and continue their day feeling happy. I appreciate the support I've been given already so much, and I love that this is creating a little online community! If you'd like to keep up with Starry Eyed on social media, follow @starryeyedcollective on instagram for updates and other cool content, and email if there's anything you would like to submit!

Much love,
Orlagh xx


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